Visible water tanks are a thing of the past. Concrete water solutions can offer you the benefits of an underground concrete water tank with the capacity of 50,000 – 400,000 litres of water for your family or organisation. Concrete water tanks act as a permanent solution for family use, organisations, schools, sporting grounds and a variety of community projects. With the visibility of these underground water tanks being hidden, the possibility of contamination or vandalism is thwarted, as is the cost of extra security for your above ground water tank.

In areas where large volumes of water are needed at a reasonable cost, underground water tanks solve the problem permanently. The cost is between 38c and 45c a litre for the initial fill and all subsequent fills are FREE.

The many advantages and benefits include

  • Available water tank capacity from 42,000 litres up to 400,000
  • High quality water with addition of gutter guards and filter
  • Valuable land area is not lost and made unusable as with abov eground tanks
  • No ugly poly/steel tanks – everything is underground out of sight
  • Can be placed under house, driveways, garages, gardens – anywhere
  • Tanks last forever with no maintenance
  • Cannot be vandalised or contaminated (this is an on going problem in schools and sporting grounds)
  • Connect to toilets, water irrigation systems and used for general property maintenance (showers, washing machines – in rural areas)
  • Can be used as a platform for sitting areas, cabanas and entertainment areas on sloping blocks
  • Because it is underground the water is kept cool and bacteria free (no constant heating up and cooling of water as in above ground tanks)
  • BASIX requirements covered
  • Fifteen years structural warranty