Freedom Pools has been designing and constructing quality swimming pools for over 20 years. Central to our philosophy is a long-term approach to business, built upon a solid commitment of sustainable growth through the active participation in responsible environmental practices.

This commitment to corporate environmental responsibility extends throughout the full cycle of our pool projects including the approval, construction and operating phases.

To continue to meet Freedom Pools and the community’s aspirations for a sustainable future we will continue to lead our industry in environmental performance by striving to do our best towards:

  • Identifying and managing environmental aspects within our operations and applying best practice principles to ensure pollution prevention and the conversation of natural resources
  • Constantly striving to achieve continual improvement in our environmental performance by making business decisions that work towards sustainable outcomes
  • Regarding compliance with relevant laws and regulations as a minimum level of performance and seeking to exceed these standards
  • Utilising the environmental management system framework to plan, document, measure and monitor environmental performance including setting and assessing environmental objectives and targets and conducting periodic reviews to report on progress
  • Communicating this policy to all employees, contractors, regulators and other stakeholders and making this policy available to the general public and local community wherever we operate
  • Ensuring all those who work for or on behalf of our organisation aspire to our high standards of environmental performance.